Welcome to the IUF Rulebook Committee 2014

This committee has been set up to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To establish the general parameters for setting an Generic Rule (eg measurement, witnesses, documentation)
  2. To establish which rules the IUF will recognise
  3. To establish event-specific rules that the IUF recognises

As they are completed, these proposals will be submitted to the IUF Board for approval.
Please familiarise yourself with the IUF Rulebook prior to starting discussion on the committee: IUF Rulebook 2013

2 – 4 Months after Unicon – Implement website for rulebook; recruit members
Open rulebook committee – start discussion and submit proposals
10 weeks after start date – last date to submit a proposal for voting
3 Months after start date – All Proposals and voting concluded
1 Month after closing rulebook committee – all proposals applied to the Rulebook and sent to committee and IUF board for formal approval
To follow – editing Rulebook for content. Possible splitting of rulebook.
Finally - publishing the final version on Github and the IUF Website

Available Committees

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